Hit like a Pro with your Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Are you one of those new golfers who are still hesitant to journey in the green? I’ve been into that same situation too few years ago. I’m not bragging that I’m one of the best now, but at least I know that my skill has been improved. Along with your determination and positive attitude towards game, there are helpful gadgets out there that can really help you improve your ability. And believe me! Pros rely on gadgets too when they were still amateurs like you.

The Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder is making a noise in the golf industry today as it featured this device Slope Edition that helps you to easily calculate elevations and accurately displays result. Bushnell never stops impressing customers by continuing to upgrade their devices to always help you come up with a better performance in the green.

Let’s take a look with how this V3 Slope edition could assist both newbies and pro in every game!



The Bushnell v3 Slope Edition is specially manufactured to help player calculate the differences in elevations to get yardage and transformed yardage via the scope. It gives you a accurate calculations in sizing up the course especially for uneven terrain and hilly surfaces. Such feature could not be given by other golf rangefinder. Just like the regular V3, this device too has a Pin Seeker Technology that is amazing in pinning lock target, giving you an exact distance to the pin so you could not be running a risk and shorting hit from the hole. The JOLT Technology gives you a fast signal that you have locked the target by vibrating.

The physical design is cool as it features rubber finish and easy to handle. The rubber provides you a plenty grip for you to avoid slipping the device from your hand, especially when playing during rainy season. The rubber also protects sensitive parts inside the device together with the plastic housing. It is powered by a 3-volt battery.


What I really love about this device is its accuracy of giving you distance to the flag. The maximum range is up to 1000 yards. It has 5 x magnifications and suggests distance so you could adjust tactics at hitting the target. Giving you a clear display, this device would definitely help you make decisions with your game. Your device can help you measure slope at an angle of ±1° and help you figure out range, providing you big chances of shots than expected.


The V3 Slope Edition is small with a weight of approximately 6.7 ounces outside the carrying case. It has a dimension of 4.2 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches, small enough for easy grip. The carrying case helps you protect the device. You can just attach the carrying case to your bags or carts even when the device is inside it. It is neither heavy nor bulky, and could provide you easy transport as you walk in the course during entire game.

Ease of Use

With much incredible features, it does not mean complications at operating the device. The Bushnell V3 is easy to use with only one button. This single button will navigate you to a menu, and get the most of your device. A special laser beam signals you that you have pinned target, allowing you to calculate the distance. Then it shows the range. Pointing and shooting are basically what you do with rangefinders. The size fits easily in your hand. You can place it on its case when not in use. Just attach it to your bag or cart, then gives you easy transportation around the course.


• Easy to use. Just point and shoot.
• Helps you improve/change tactics especially on areas with slopes.
• Built in clock on the screen.
• Designed with JOLT Technology.
• Accurate in giving result.
• All weather proof.
• Clear LCD.
• Has laser beam light that reflects target.
• Lightweight and easy to transport.
• Comes with a carrying case for additional protection.
• Rubber grips that prevent it from slipping in your palm.


• It is a bit expensive than other models.
• It has only 5x magnifications, whereas other high end rangefinders can provide 7x.


1. Where can I purchase the Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Edition?
• You can purchase it online. This product is popular in Amazon and Ebay. However, to get a try in operating the device, you can visit golf centers so you could personally check the details of the device.
2. How can I fix the device when the jolt is not functioning?
• Just press the power button for 8 to 10 seconds, and menu will be displayed. Wait until says that JOLT was set.
3. Can I use rechargeable battery?
• No.
4. Results are not clearly displayed on the LCD Screen? Does it have to do with the device being exposed to too much heat?
• Probably yes. But it’s not the only reason for unclear displays. It might that your LCD is defected. Try to recall if your device has fallen, or poured with much liquid. They might to affect your LCD. Please consult authorize repair shop.
Insider Tips
These rangefinders are expensive compared to other gadgets. It is not used every day, thus, it is very important that it should be kept in a cool and dry place. After using your device, see to it that it is clean before placing it inside the carrying case. Be sure that it is dry when kept, and see to it that when drying, use the cloths that are smooth. The screen might get scratches.
For me, and to all players out there who have difficulty in dealing with slopes, this Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is definitely the stuff we’ve been looking for. It is especially manufactured for calculating ranges with slope. It is very easy to use that even amateurs could enjoy operating it. It gives us more confidence at hitting target, and definitely boost the “pro” feeling in us as we score great in every game.

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